Sunday, June 10, 2012

Draft Bonuses

Update: Texas has now signed all of its top 10 picks after inking Pat Cantwell for 50k and is currently ~83k under their bonus allotment. They also have an extra ~328K (so about 411K) to play with if they want to go 5% over their 6.57M total.

#1 Lewis Brinson, 1.625m (Slot)
#1a Joey Gallo, 2.25m (slot, 1.325m)
#1b Collin Wiles, 975K!!! (Slot 954.8K)
#2 Jamie Jarmon, 601.5K (Slot)
#2 Nick Williams, 500K (slot: 515.6k)
#3 Pat Cantwell, 50K (slot: 381.7K)
#4 Alec Asher, 150k (slot: 277.6K)
#5 Preston Beck, 207.9K (Slot)
#6 Bollinger, 50K (slot: 155.9K)
#7 Cam Schiller, 10k (slot: 141.4K)
#8 Cody Kendall, 5K (slot: 132K)
#9 Joe Niggli, 10K (slot: 125k)
#10 Casey Shiver, 15K (slot: 125k)
#11 Eric Brooks, 100K (slot)
#19 James Smith, 135K (slot: 100K)
*source BA

JR Ryan Bores has reportedly agreed as well but I imagine it was for no more than 100K. If they decide to go 5% over their allocated budget, that would give them an extra 329k to play with. So we could still see one more over-slot sign, with the three most likely candidates being Ryan Burr and Jacob Lemoine. If footballers Winston and Smith sign, you'd expect it to be for no more than 100K so they wouldn't count against the cap.


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  1. I believe the actual bonus allotment for the first 10 rounds is $6.5682M and the bonuses without picks 3, 9, 10 are $6.3744M. This leaves a little less than $200k ($193.8k) in the budget + a potential 5% overage of $328.41k.