Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MiL Promotion Week

Now that the A-Ball AS games are done with, who will get the call for a promotion this week (or soon enough)? Here's a quick rundown of the likely candidates:

Mike Olt, Jake Brigham (pen), Barret Loux
Jared Hoying, Cody Buckel, Kyle Hendricks, Randy Henry (pen), Joe Van Meter
Jerad Eickhoff, Nick Martinez, Phil Klein, Zach Cone, Hanser Alberto, Chris Grayson

Look for Santo Perez to get bumped from the Hickory rotation in the second half with about 4 other guys vying for available innings in the roto: McBride, Hanna, Faulkner, Lamb.

Any demotions on the horizon? Probably not, but all of the HighA kids should be looking over their shoulder, particularly Jake Skole and Josh Richmond, while Kellin Deglan and Jordan Akins will keep their LowA spots despite their terrible #s.

The AZL starts today and the roster has been updated.


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