Saturday, December 29, 2012

Projected 2013 Rosters

I've taken a stab at projecting the system rosters for 2013 (all ages as of 4/1/13).  Take a gander at the position depth in Hickory while simultaneously marveling at the # of relievers posing as starters throughout.   How many future mid-rotation ceilings can you find in there?  Not many - lot's of fringe #5 types, no?  The new market inefficiency marked out by the Texas development staff is clearly the "hard-throwing reliever turned starter" niche (add to that pitchers who've been under the knife: four 2012 draftees).  That formula almost always takes you full circle in a never widening gyre:  reliever-starter-reliever.  Maybe 2013 will be the exception.  As for the hitters, well,  the fight for playing time will be fierce.  Some of the high ceiling kids might be held back in extended due to the lack of space while others might be held back due to developmental hurdles that often crop up on the eve of their first taste of full season ball.  Good luck Jamie Jarmon!  Cheers!

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