Saturday, June 15, 2013

BA Profile, Cole Wiper

Here is BA's 2011 profile for Cole Wiper (Tor, 14th rd), ranked #439 nationally:

At 6-foot-3 and 180 pounds, Wiper is a quality athlete who also played high school basketball. His best attribute as a pitcher is his secondary stuff. He flashes an above-average curveball with tight rotation and added a slider this year, which also showed hard, sharp break. His changeup has nice drop, almost like a splitter, and has improved throughout the season. His fastball sits in the 88-90 mph range, and he'll have games where he's 90-93. While Wiper has a feel for spin, his fastball is pretty straight right now. Because of his good secondary stuff, he sometimes uses it too much and will have to pitch off of his fastball more at the next level, whether that's in the pros or at Oregon. Wiper is a good student and is mature for a high schooler, and some scouts regard him as the best high school prospect in the Northwest.

Here is BA's 2013 profile (TX, 10th rd), unranked by BA:

Wiper was a premium prospect out of high school, but the Blue Jays couldn’t sign him away from Oregon as a 14th-round pick in 2011. He missed the 2012 season after needing Tommy John surgery and was ineffective this year for the Ducks, only earning George Horton’s trust for 13 innings of work. At his best, his fastball is in the 90-93 mph range and he shows flashes of a sharp curveball and slider, though they are inconsistent and his command hasn’t yet returned. Even after a disappointing season, Wiper is expected to be a difficult sign.


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