Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Draft Signings/Bonuses

The BA database for draft signings and bonuses is accessible in skeletal form to nonsubscribers so that the signing status, bonus slot, and signing amount can be viewed.  Check it out.

Here is BA's summary of the assigned value of every pick in the top 10 rounds.

The Rangers' bonus slots are as follows.  For any picks after the 10th, any overage over 100K counts against the team pool, which for Texas is $6.553.800.

1.    1.920.600 (2.215M)
1.    1.731.200 (1.9M)
2.    899.4 (520.6M)
3.    520.6  (350K)
4.    385.9 (202K)
5.    289  (175K)
6.    216.4 (65K)
7.    162.3 (162.3)
8.    151.6 (151.6)
9.    141.5 (10K)
10.  135.3 (700K)
21.  100k (400K)

(277,300K remaining; 327.7k more as taxable overage; est up to 428k available if Jackson signs for ~177.3K))

UPDATE:  Per BA Joe Jackson signed for 175k which leaves 102.3K left in their pool.  They also signed 30th round HS lefthander Joe Palumbo so it wouldn't surprise me if he got exactly 202.3K.

UPDATE:  21st round HS RHP Luke Lanphere signed for 400K.  So Texas dipped in to its 328K taxable overage to cover this.   They have exactly 130K left if they haven't already used it on someone.


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