Friday, July 5, 2013

Texas goes all in on j2

Texas has reportedly gone way over  their 1,943,700M cap to sign three 7-figure j2-eligible prospects:  Dominican RHP Marcos Diplan, 1.3M$ ;  Venezuelan SS Yeyson Yrizarri, 1.35M$; and Dominican OF Jose Almonte, 1.8M$.  They have also reportedly signed Dominican SS Michael de Leon, 550K$ and three Mexican prospects:   RHP Edgar Arredondo, LHP Samuel Zazueta, and RHP Daniel Duarte.  Only 25% of the bonuses for Mexican players count against their bonus pool.

They might not be done given the severe penalties that apply to teams going more than 15% or their bonus pool allotment:  100% tax on coverage and prohibition on signing talent over 250K$.   So now that they are over that 15% threshold might as well get 2 years worth of players, right?   There are only a few players that remain that Texas might entertain paying DOUBLE for but Eloy Jimenez (Cubs 2.8m) might have been the only one worth angling for.  Some other possible 7-figure kids are:  DR CF Leonardo Molina (dob 8/1 - NYY, 1.4M), DR 3B (1B) Rafael Devers (Bos, 1.5m), DR 3B (1B) Luis Encarnacion (dob 8/9 - PHI, 1M), DR 3B Anderson Franco (8/15-NATS, 900K) TAI RHP Jen-He Tseng (Cubs, 1.625m), and maybe a sleeper like VZ SS (2B/CF) Luis Carpio (dob 7/11,  NYM - 300K) - though likely not for 7-figures.

As an alternative to these pricey options  (as each sign is now double the actual bonus),  I could also see Texas limiting itself to 250k and under kids, which would certainly make more economic sense than paying a really raw or defensively limited player 2 million if you thought they were a risky sign at 1 million.  Guess we'll see.

As it stands, Texas will pay a tax of 100% on anything over their pool of 1.94M (or 2.876M if you believe the rumors that they have acquired slots from FL - denied by JD) so the cost of their 5 million dollar bounty so far will be at least 8.05 million but only about 7.1 million if they actually did buy out Florida's last 3 slots (932.1K) . Got that?

Kiley McDaniel has an updated list of the players that have signed around the league.

Here is a scouting blurb on Arredondo from Ben Badler:

MLB gave Mexican League teams a pretty sweet deal when it determined that Mexican players signed through the Mexican League will only have the portion of the bonus that goes to the player—25 percent—count against a team’s bonus pool. That should help inflate the price of Mexican righthander Edgar Arredondo, whose rights are owned by Quintana Roo of the Mexican League. Arredondo is 6-foot-3, 190 pounds with solid mechanics for his age and an 87-91 mph fastball. He throws a solid changeup that flashes average and is ahead of his below-average curveball. Some scouts like his feel for pitching, although he’s not as advanced as Julio Urias was last year when the Dodgers signed him from the Mexico City Red Devils.

Jason Parks on Diplan:

RHP Marcos Diplan (Rangers)
Despite a market reputation as a baseball factory, the Dominican Republic doesn’t produce a lot of quality major-league starters, a reality with numerous explanations [possible explanations]. A lack of pitchability is often seen as the biggest villain. Diplan stands out for his impressive raw stuff and his advanced pitchability for his age, attributes that help offset his diminutive size and the reputation of the region for producing more relief arms than impact starters. When I saw Diplan back in January, the right-hander pounded the zone with a low-90s fastball (touched 93) delivered from a lower slot. He showed feel for both a fading 80 mph changeup and a low-70s curveball, brought into game action with the swagger of a much more physically imposing arm. He was the best arm I saw at the Dominican Showcase, and it wasn’t even close


DPL j2 reel of their signing class

The total price tag of Texas' (5) announced signings comes to $5.350.000, with an overage of 3.406.300 against their 1.943.700 slot.    Once the 100% penalty on the overage is factored in, the minimum price tag for Texas' J2 spree comes to $8.756.300:  1.943.700  + 2(3.406.300).


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